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Date Ideas That You Can Afford

Date Ideas That You Can Afford


Affordable First Date Ideas

Finding good traditional date ideas can be difficult in the world of dating apps. Anyone looking for something serious knows that ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t always the best way to get to know someone. But what else can you do when so many conventional date ideas are so expensive? We’ve compiled a great list of affordable date ideas that won’t break the bank.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are infamously romantic, and making cute sandwiches at home is much cheaper than ordering food at a restaurant. Not to mention the fact that you can show off some basic cooking skills by putting together a nice layout of fruit and snacks for your afternoon in the park. You can even bring extra bread to feed ducks and fish while you’re there.

Volunteer Together

Finding a good spot to volunteer your time is a fantastic way to get to know your date and help the local community. You can take many approaches, from building low-cost housing to helping at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Find a cause you’re both passionate about and enjoy lending a helping hand together.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

There are many lookouts, parks, beaches, or hilltops that offer gorgeous sunrise or sunset views around the world. Look up some nice spots near you and plan a romantic meetup under a colourful sky.

Go To An Open Mic Night

You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to enjoy a fun comedy set or music from local artists. Check out an open mic to listen to free performances and enjoy a chill night out together. What better way to get to know someone than to discuss the acts you saw together and compare opinions?

Try a Hobby Together

Are you both active people? Try going running, skiing, or swimming together. Are you both artsy? Maybe a painting, woodworking, pottery-making or craft-making date would be enjoyable. You could also decide to both try something new together for a fun adventure. 

Be Creative

With some creativity, there are many great date ideas that won’t break the bank. Brainstorm some good options for you and your date, and remember that the best ideas are thoughtful and consider what your date likes.

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