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Useless Skincare Tips To Ignore

The Worst Skincare Tips On The Internet

Women can hardly turn their heads without encountering another expert telling them hot beauty tips that they have to try. It’s great to try new approaches and find a beauty routine that makes you look and feel great. But not all advice is worth taking. Here are some of the most commonly heard beauty tips you’re better off ignoring.

Exfoliating Your Skin Daily

It may feel nice to scrub your face until it feels squeaky clean, but this isn’t actually good for your skin. If your face feels tight after cleansing, you’ve stripped away all its natural oils. Try using a mild cleanser on your face that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and doesn’t disrupt your natural skin health.

Don’t Moisturise Oily Skin

Many people recommend skipping the moisturiser if you have oily skin, but this can often worsen your oily skin. Skin that is too dry will naturally produce more oils to try and improve hydration. Moisturising regularly is the best way to help your skin maintain healthy oil levels. 

Putting Lemon On Your Face

Putting lemons directly on the face has become a hot trend recently. And while lemons are high in vitamin C, which is good for your skin, lemons are also highly acidic. Putting them directly on your skin will cause it to dry out, leading to redness or irritation. 

Popping Pimples

No one should be popping their pimples. It won’t make them go away faster and could even lead to scarring, irritation or a further spread of acne. Use a spot treatment product with salicylic acid and a concealer instead until the pimple calms down on its own.

Keep It Simple

Often, the best skincare routines are simple. Definitely avoid these useless approaches to skincare. And for healthy skin, don’t bother with fad beauty tips. Instead, try to use a few natural products and establish an easy-to-follow skincare routine that works well for you.

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