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Rugs Can Turn a House into a Home

Rugs Can Turn a House into a Home

Rugs Turn a House into a Home

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Thailand is a hot and humid tropical country. Floors in apartments and houses are generally made out of tile or various varieties of hard material like wood or vinyl. You never see carpet in Thai homes, as carpeting would soon mildew and creates odors in the heat and humidity. 

But people who want to add a touch of home to their apartment or house can add an area rug or small rug to rooms. It’s amazing to see the difference a rug can make in a room. 

Creating Living Spaces

Rugs tend to draw the eye. They are often used to create living and conversation areas in large rooms. They can make the most sterile looking room seem more intimate and inviting. Rugs also add a bit a of color and visual warmth to a room. A drab rental apartment suddenly seems a bit more charming and lively with the simple addition of a rug. 

There are two main ways to approach the purchase of a rug. Some rugs are just colorful floor covers meant to liven up a living space. Ikea and furniture stores have these types of rugs. They come in many patterns and colors to match every décor, and they’re generally made of cotton or wool blends for easy machine-washing.   

Or a rug can be an investment. Many ‘oriental’ rugs, as they’re called, are handmade, beautiful rugs that hold their value, or increase in value over the years. They can be made of fine wool and silk. These rugs can be hand-washed at home with mild detergent and water, or taken to a rug cleaning specialist. 

But one thing that makes owning a rug easier is having a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum should also be bought whenever you decide on purchasing a rug to beautify your home.  

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