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Beware of the Stealthy Electric Scooter

Beware of the Stealthy Electric Scooter

The world is getting more environmentally conscious, which is a very good thing. But sometimes, in the race to get progressive, humanity can forget to think of all the negative issues with a good concept. What looks good on paper and in controlled testing can quickly spiral out of control when it’s placed in the hands of the average citizen. Because the average citizen can be a less than competent driver who cares mainly about themselves.

We have to put the brakes on this idea of “progress at all costs!” Too much progress put in the hands of people who don’t fully grasp all the ramifications and dangers could be the end of civilization as we know it. 

I fully believe that one of the reasons we still don’t have a world full of flying cars is because the people in charge of inventing them came to a vital realization. They realized the monumental lunacy of putting people that got into road accidents regularly into vehicles that would be traveling above us at high speeds. 

Deadly Stealth Scooters

One example of a good technology falling into the wrong hands is the growing popularity of electric scooters. 

Many entrepreneurs in cities around the world have set up businesses where you can easily rent one of these scooters to quickly get to an appointment or do a few errands. 

But, putting these whisper-quiet and fast scooters into the hands of people who may never have ridden a scooter before is asking for trouble. 

The rider can be cruising along at breakneck speeds that would lose racehorses in the dust. They may even be taking selfies of themselves to put on their insta page, because what’s hotter than being environmentally conscious? 

But unless these scooters start making a lot more noise than they are currently, these silent electric scooters of death will be thinning out the crowds of pedestrian traffic in many cities around the globe. And that would hardly be progressive or environmentally conscious. 

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