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An Introduction to Aerial Fitness

What to Know About Aerial Fitness

Have you ever been curious about aerial fitness? There are various fun, gravity-defying ways to stay active and develop greater strength and flexibility. Many people feel they could never do aerial fitness when they see the mind-boggling shapes that professional aerialists twist their bodies into. But aerial fitness can be a very accessible form of fitness for anyone, and there is a wide range of activities that you can try as a beginner. 

Yoga Hammock

One of the most accessible types of aerial fitness is aerial yoga. This activity combines traditional yoga poses with a yoga hammock to get you into the air. This can be a fun way to develop strength and flexibility, calm your mind, and enjoy the freedom of floating above the ground. 

Aerial Silks

While they appear similar to the hammocks used in aerial yoga, aerial silks is a very different practice. While aerial yoga builds off traditional yoga fundamentals and focuses on breathing, aerial silks is based more on the fundamentals of dance and performing impressive tricks. Advanced aerial silks can require a lot of strength, but there are many great beginner classes to help newcomers get used to the silks and start to build their strength.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop is a beautiful form of aerial arts from circus performances. It takes many of the tricks from pole dancing and transforms them into an aerial form. Like silks, aerial hoop has many techniques that can be quite accessible to beginners and will help you develop the strength you need to continue to more advanced shapes. This aerial art can be incredibly fun and looks beautiful for those who like to create great Instagram content.

Give Aerial Arts a Try

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit while looking beautiful and building strength, aerial arts are a great start. Aerial activities can be very exciting and help you feel strong and confident, literally lifting you up! Check with an aerial dance studio near you to sign up for a beginner class and give aerial arts a try.

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