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Will Plant-based Food Be Able to Sustain Its Popularity?

Will Plant-based Food Be Able to Sustain Its Popularity?

Will Plant-based Food Be Able to Sustain Its Popularity?

Will Plant-based Food Sustain its New Popularity?

Walking down the freezer aisles of your local grocery store, you may have noticed an astonishing increase in the amount of frozen plant-based food on display. 

Vegan, vegetarian and plant-based meat replacement products are currently enjoying a wave of popularity. And many food manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon in an attempt to cash in. 

The popularity stems from a perfect storm of increased animal rights awareness, heightened concerns about health brought on partly by the COVID-19 pandemic, and major breakthroughs in manufacturing meat replacement products or lab-grown meats. This last point is underlined by the fact that several well-known fast-food chains have started offering burgers and other food items made from these faux-meat products.

Too Much, Too Soon?

While this growing popularity is welcome news (especially by animals), whether it can be sustained or not is the question. 

Products rushed to market to cash in on a fad are rarely high-quality. But as long they abide by the health laws, there is no rule stopping them, as much as they may damage the entire movement. And the plant-based food movement is experiencing this phenomenon today. 

This food movement is in a precarious position. The reasons behind the movement are sound and easily understood by many consumers. Still, some of the solutions are faulty and low-quality products, which shoots the entire movement in the foot. 

The movement has a daunting task even with 100% cooperation by manufacturers. They are trying to change the diets of a vast number of people. The last thing they need is low-quality food suppliers to infiltrate the market.   

Please try to cut this new market a bit of slack when you try these new products. Remember that if a food you try is low-quality, others may feel the same way, and that manufacturer may soon be out of business. Continue to try these new products until you find a few you like. You’ll eat healthier, and the animals will certainly thank you. 

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