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Important Color Rules For Interior Design

How To Use Colors in Home Decor

Finding the perfect colors to decorate your home is a very exciting process. There are so many beautiful options, making it very difficult to figure out the right balance of colors to give your room a perfect look and make your space truly feel like home. This article will give you some expert interior design tips to help you pick the right colors to use in each room of your home.

Balancing Your Colors

One of the best tips for home decorating with a set of colors is the 60-30-10 rule. It can be challenging to figure out how to combine colors so that they don’t clash with one another and add chaos to your design. The 60-30-10 rule helps keep the colors you choose in balance by outlining the percentage of a room that should include one of three decor colors.

The mildest color in this scenario should be found most often throughout your design, with about 60% of the room in the first color. The next color should be the second boldest color in your design plan, which will appear in about 30% of the room. The final color is the boldest in your group and will be used to accent the room, appearing in just 10% of the decor. This rule will help you to keep your designs looking classy and well-balanced.

Picking the Right Colors

Now that you know how to spread colors throughout your room, you need to know which colors to put together. The best way to select colors is to look at a color wheel, which is split into warm colors like red, orange and yellow, and cool colors like blue, green and purple. 

Warm and cool colors located across the circle from one another are complementary colors that will often look good paired together. You can also keep in mind that cooler colors will bring calming energy to a room, while warmer colors will make you feel more active and energetic.

Putting Colors Together

After learning some of the basics of color use in interior design, the best way to find out what you like is to experiment with making color combinations on your own. You can research pictures of pre-made designs to see what you like and then experiment on your own to find the perfect color combinations for you.

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