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Beware of the Stealthy Electric Scooter

The world is getting more environmentally conscious, which is a very good thing. But sometimes, in the race to get progressive, humanity can forget to think of all the negative issues with a good concept. What looks good on paper and in controlled testing can quickly spiral out of control when it’s placed in the hands of the average citizen….

The Crucial Need for Global Transfer Pricing Services

The Need for Global Transfer Pricing Services More and more successful businesses are expanding into other countries. With this expansion comes the need to reconfigure their supply chains to keep costs as low as possible and make their products available at all their branches. This is where global transfer pricing services become a crucial part of your accounting services.  Transfer…

Ways To Avoid Workout Injuries

Tips For Avoiding Exercise Injuries Whether you are a devoted gym buff or a casual exercise enthusiast pursuing general fitness goals, avoiding injury is a top priority. Getting hurt during your training is not only uncomfortable but can slow down your progress and keep you away from your sport for a long time. Warm-up Properly A key part of making…

Tips to Stay Focused At Work

How To Keep Your Focus At Work As our society increasingly relies on technology, we are more frequently bombarded with intense stimuli throughout our day. This can make it very difficult to keep our attention on a single task and maintain focus. This article will give you a few tips to help you stay on task when you need to…

An Introduction to Aerial Fitness

What to Know About Aerial Fitness Have you ever been curious about aerial fitness? There are various fun, gravity-defying ways to stay active and develop greater strength and flexibility. Many people feel they could never do aerial fitness when they see the mind-boggling shapes that professional aerialists twist their bodies into. But aerial fitness can be a very accessible form…

New MRT Stations in Bangkok Can Point the Way to Housing

New MRT Stations Can Point the Way to Bangkok Housing Living in Bangkok can be a wonderful experience. The city offers great food from many countries and some of the best Thai cuisine in the world. It also offers colourful entertainment, iconic cultural sights, fantastic shopping, highly ranked schools and hospitals, and modern lifestyle conveniences.   But there are some areas…

Top Trend 2022 Untuk Semua Hijabista: Matte Satin Shawl

Tahukah anda tentang istilah ‘Hijabista’? Hijabista merujuk kepada fashionista berhijab/bertudung!  Bukan sahaja di Malaysia, kita boleh nampak trend untuk padankan tudung dengan pakaian semakin popular. Seperti Hijabista Malaysia Asyallie Ahmad dan Syafiqah Aina, selalunya gambar #OOTD mereka cantik kan! Macam Asyallie Ahmad, stail minimal tapi anggun dengan gabungan matte satin silk shawl dan colour combo pakaian yang neutral dan minimal….