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How to Decorate your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Decorate your Home Without Blowing the Budget!

When it comes to home decoration, it’s easy to get carried away and burn through your budget in a short time. These days everyone has a cool instagrammable home, and it’s hard not to be sucked into the vortex of getting the latest and greatest. But the savvy home decorator can get the same impactful decors without breaking the bank. here are tips you can try.

IKEA – Yes! That Swedish idea of a fun Sunday! Don’t scoff at what you can get at IKEA because there are lots to find and match in the flat-packed furniture superstore. If they don’t have something you like, you can join the many who have created wonderful decorative pieces by simply cobbling different IKEA furniture and decorations together. 

DIY – Don’t be afraid to pick up a hammer or a power drill. These days with Youtube, it’s easy to learn new skills and build something yourself. And there are many workshops you can rent that have the tools ready for you to attempt your DIY journey. Buying the raw materials yourself usually cuts off the margins by the retail stores and helps you keep more money in the bank. 

Something old – Nobody said that everything needs to be new when you’re decorating your home. Shop at thrift stores and even the junkyard to find a rustic piece of furniture that will add character to your new home. Wooden furniture is often discarded, but it can be easily freshened up with a new coat of paint and a good sanding and varnish. 

Paint – You can really liven up a space by simply using bold colors in your decor. Accent colors can really uplift an otherwise dull interior, and with the right decor pieces, you can create something instagrammable without spending too much money. 

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