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Naturally Healthy Hair Care

During the Covid pandemic many people were going without salons or any other outside the home hair treatments. This has been challenging for everyone in different ways depending on how much you would normally need extra hair treatments. Many people are almost becoming more conscious of trying to use natural, less harmful products on their hair. If you are looking…

Moviegoers Became Spoiled by CGI

CGI Spoiled Moviegoers A recent article on the internet lamented the lack of creativity in the design and creation of aliens and movie monsters. It seems that the use of CGI has meant that special effects creators rely more on copying the designs of others than working on a completely unique creation that is actually scary and stunning to moviegoers….

Attention USA, Live Music is Back

Don’t look now, but some of the biggest acts in live music are starting the summer tours! That’s right, concerts are back in the United States, and in a safe and manageable way. What seemed like a fantasy just a few months back has become a reality – it’s time to party down on the lawn or in the stands…